Noel Leeming诺埃尔利明电器
      简介:Noel Leeming is the leading consumer electronics and appliance retailer. Our passionate staff ensures customers leave our stores with the best product solution for themselves or their home. We pride ourselves on our involvement within the community and are the only electronic retail that offers Fly Buys. Come in and check out our impressive range and chat to our friendly staff 诺埃尔利明电器是一家领先的消费电子产品和家电零售商。我们热情的员工确保每一位顾客会带着对他们或家庭最合适的产品解决方案满意而去。我们以参与社区活动而自豪,我们还是唯一一家购物可得飞买(Fly Buys.)积分的电子产品销售商。进来看看我们丰富多样的商品并和我们友善的店员聊一聊吧。
      • 详细地址: 2 Owens Place Mount Maunganui Tauranga 3116