Greymouth Showcase Jewellers 格雷茅斯优展珠宝店
      简介:格雷茅斯优展珠宝店非常自豪能够为西海岸居民和游客提供各种各样的优质珠宝、手表和服务。 我们是钻石戒指的专家,也非常自豪在本店出售国际知名品牌潘多拉、化石(Fossil)、博奇亚(Boccia)和西铁城以及标志性的新西兰时装品牌 凯伦沃克(Karen Walker)和Kagi 首饰。 我们也有样式繁多的新西兰玉石首饰,这些玉石就来自美丽的、郁郁葱葱的西海岸,经天才工匠雕刻而成精美的饰物。 我们深知,珠宝是为了庆祝一个人一生中的特殊时刻而购买和赠与的。 请让我们帮您创造那些永远珍藏的特殊回忆,无论是订婚、婚礼、生日或周年纪念,还是您一生难忘的特殊纪念,我们都能为您找到完美的饰物! 我们期待在格雷茅斯优展珠宝店欢迎您。 At Greymouth Showcase Jewellers we pride ourselves on providing an extensive range of quality fine jewellery, watches and services to the people of the West Coast and visitors alike. Specialising in diamond rings, we are also proud stockists of leading international brands Pandora, Fossil, Boccia and Citizen as well as iconic New Zealand Fashion brands Karen Walker and Kagi Jewellery. We also carry a great range of New Zealand Jade Jewellery using Pounamu sourced right here on the beautiful green West Coast and carved by talented craftspeople. We recognize that jewellery is bought and given as a celebration of the special moments in a person’s life. Let us help you create those special memories that will be treasured forever by finding you the perfect piece for any occasion, whether it’s an engagement, wedding, birthday or anniversary or your special memento of a trip of a lifetime! We look forward to welcoming you at Greymouth Showcase Jewellers.
      • 详细地址: 88 Mackay Street, Greymouth 7840