Smiths City Whangarei史密斯城家具家电连锁商城旺格雷店
      简介:Smiths City sells kitchen and laundry appliances, consumer electronics, indoor and outdoor furnishings, bedding, heating and flooring products for the home and also includes seasonal products such as family camping. A core strength of the group is our product offering. We are proud to represent many of New Zealand’s best-known brands in-store and online, including Sleepyhead and Fisher & Paykel, along with leading international brands such as La-Z-Boy, John Young Furnishings, Ashley, LG, Haier, Samsung, Panasonic, Hewlett Packard, Apple, Electrolux, Mitsubishi Electric and Bosch, amongst others. We’re also proud to support New Zealand manufactured furniture produced by Coastwood and Woodpeckers 史密斯城(Smiths City)销售家用厨房和洗衣设备、消费类电子产品、室内和室外家具、床上用品、暖气和地板产品,还销售家庭露营用品等季节性产品。本集团的核心优势是我们的优质产品。 我们很自豪能在我们的实体店和网店为您提供众多新西兰最知名的品牌,包括思丽比德床垫(Sleepyhead)和斐雪派克电器(Fisher & Paykel),以及La-Z-Boy功能沙发、John Young家具、爱室丽家具(Ashley)、LG、海尔、三星、松下、惠普、苹果、伊莱克斯、三菱电机和博世等国际知名品牌。我们也很自豪能够支持由新西兰公司Coastwood和Woodpeckers制造的本土家具。
      • 详细地址: 27 Porowini Ave, Morningside, Whangarei 0110